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I am so very lucky to have an entire room dedicated to my creative space. Mike & I used to share it- on one side was my desk which was always piled with stuff. My sewing machine was usually buried or put away and if I wanted to sew I had to carry everything I needed to the living room coffee table or the dining room table. Which, of course made sewing a much bigger job, and a hassle. So sad. The other side of the room was where Mike had his PC set up. He used the room more than I did, honestly. It was just too hard to sift through all my stuff in order to make room for crafting. Here’s a pic of what my “sewing desk” typically looked like before:

When Mike’s computer died, he said I should take the WHOLE ROOM as my art studio! What a dreamy husband! So, we painted (before it was a pale pink in flat paint, which meant the walls showed a lot of dirty wear & tear- yuck). Then we switched some furniture around, my mom gave me her long cafeteria style folding table, and Mike found an incredible metal drawer file thingy. We also hung some shelves and organized the closet. The first photos are what the room looked like after the painting, but before everything was placed where I wanted it.

After lots and lots of organizing and shifting the room shaped up into a fantastic art studio where everything had a place and was within arms reach from my work table! I decided I wanted the accent colors to be light blue and orange. I spray painted the shelves brackets blue, but kept the shelves white. I covered the long folding table with orange and white oil cloth. I wanted a clean and pretty surface that thread wouldn’t stick to and would be easy to wipe up if I happened to use the table for painting. I also refashioned my bulletin board with some fabric I bought at Ikea over 2 years ago! I was saving it for…um… something, I’m sure! It was the perfect color and the pattern was subtle enough so as not to take away from whatever I pin to the board. I love the way the blue and orange accent the green walls. The room is bright and full of light. The windows still need curtains, but I haven’t come across the right fabric yet.

The room still needed to be home to both our printers, files cabinets and computer router, so I had to allow space for those things too.

As you can see from the photos below, the room shaped up quite nicely!

Well, now I have had a few months in the room-  time to make messes, add to my collection of fabric, organize the messes, make more  messes, clean up messes, and re-organize those messes! I have made lots of dolls, but have to cut the pieces in the living room still. I also don’t have the space to do anything other than sew. I would have the space, but the messes get in the way! So you will notice the decline in my once, and still sometimes, beautiful studio…so sad.

The good news is- I have a plan! It does require getting/finding a few pieces of furniture. I have had my eye on the Expedit Bookcase at Ikea:

I have also made some drawings that will help me focus on my next re-organizing project in the art studio! I know I need to purge some fabric, but I always think “But I might use that some day!” (wait…is that hording mentality?!?) Regardless of my tendency to hold on to fabric, scraps, and all sorts of crafting supplies (yes, and I continue to collect all of the above. I just can’t help it!)…I know I it can all be organized and user friendly. I’m the only one that needs to be able to use the space anyway, right?! So here are my plans:

As you can see, the new plans include removing the dresser formally used to hide fabric (I tend to forget about the pieces I have in there- not good!) and replace it with another work table. I would like that table to be high- possibly a drafting table. I would  use that space to make jewelry, draw, paint, and maybe even for cutting small pieces of fabric. I think these new plans will open up the space a little, and keep my material in sight. It seems to help me work with what I have when I can SEE what I have! (makes sense, eh?)

I still need to take into account the printers, filing cabinets, and router, but I’m sure I can work those things in, no problem! I also need to finish hanging pictures throughout the house. Right now there a few boxes in the studio that are holding framed photos that just need to be re-hung around the house. Cleaning out the room is step #1, then I can work with what I actually need in the room- materials, furniture, etc.

Oh, I’m getting excited about the studio re-do- some spring cleaning, some re-decorating, some furniture hunting (garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets- here I come!), and in the end I will be even happier in my inspirational art studio- and I will be more creative and productive than ever!!


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