the good dream bloggers

This morning I woke from a good dream- a very pleasant departure from my many recent nightmares.

So, in this dream I was at some kind of workshop, I think. The workshop was held by some of my favorite bloggers! (appropriate, I think, because I was dying for some blogging inspiration. Who knew inspiration would come so literally!) The bloggers were giving presentations about design/decorating, fashion, crafting, and vintage. They sang songs, told stories, and absolutely delighted our group. The actual content and songs are fuzzy now that I am awake. Too bad- I just know those songs were GOLD! At one point I was whispering to the girls sitting around me that I was a huge fan of Elsie (A Beautiful Mess, and Red Velvet)- and let me just say- those girls were impressed, and I was beaming with pride (as if I knew Elsie, rather than just being a fan/reader of her blog!) Apparently I was the only one at the workshop who actually knew all the bloggers, so I was a little famous myself! Just as I was basking in my glory and trying to make eye contact with Elsie, Mike kissed me goodbye and I woke with a smile!

I want to take this opportunity to share some of the lady-bloggers that were featured in my dream!

*I already mentioned Elsie of A Beautiful Mess (she also writes Le Wedding Party with her sister/maid of honor) . I have been reading her blog for about a year & a half. She is such an inspiring woman! She is a painter, blogger, designer (she designed a whole dress line earlier this year!) and collector of vintage- to say the least! She used to run a small shop in Springfield, MO called Red Velvet. She and a few pals filled the shop with their handmade wares- everything from paintings and illustrations to accessories and jewelry and I think a little vintage too. Then she scored big, I mean HUGE-she was able to purchase an old downtown store-where she and her family used to shop. Now Elsie runs the new Red Velvet– stocked full of beautiful handmade and vintage- with her sister, Emma-who is the in-house baker/chef runs the cupcake shop in the front corner of the store- isn’t that just delightful!? Emma’s blog is full of creative and super yummy recipes! (she was also in my dream)
*Oh, and Elsie’s soon-to-be husband, Jeremy Larson (a musician) also made a small appearance in the dream!*

*Next up in the “good dream bloggers” group is Rachel of Smile and Wave. She is a crafter, blogger, wife and mama of 2. Rachel blogs about her successful thrifting trips, decorating her home in vintage, wearing vintage,  and her her family. Rachel and Elsie both offer e-courses occasionally- such a brilliant idea! Some of the courses have included Home-Ec (a sewing course), Small Craft (projects for little people…kids, I mean), Modern Patchwork– and so many more. Rachel’s current e-course is Style Your Space and Elsie’s is Dream Job (I’m really excited about this one- I really want to take this “class”!).

*I can remember I more lady-blogger from the dream- Katie from Skunkboy Creatures. She is a crafter- check out her Etsy Shop too.I love her hair, her style and especially her amazing creatures!! I actually don’t read her blog often, but I do check out her shop every time I’m on Etsy!

Today I start my day feelin’ good! I feel inspired and excited. My back pain is a little relieved (thanks to a refill of pain meds) and I feel like I will actually be able to do more than just lay in bed watching Alias! Today I want to start working on my dolls again. I have to remember to start slowly and not push myself, but I am so ready to get back into the swing of things around here! Good dreams and a real full night’s sleep work wonders for a girl!!


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