lovely finds:: a sunday full of treasures

my mom came to visit yesterday and she brought me some wonderful gifts she scored from a Saturday night auction in her neck of the woods

::50’s era tablecloth::

::vintage corning ware::

and my little pearl…

::Greta- my “new” Kodak Retina IIa::

in amazing condition

{the name Greta means “little pearl” in German…i name all my working cameras}

apparently these cameras have a cult following! it was really easy to find information online.

i found this site especially informative

this model was made in Stugart, Germany between 1951-1954

yes, that is perfectly worn leather casing!

i was so excited to put her to good use that i maybe should have read how her loading/winding mechanism works…i may not have loaded the film properly

i suppose that’s how i learn best–

get excited, rush into the thrill of the moment, make mistakes and learn how to proceed more effectively next time around!

the key to good pictures….just shoot!

{the camera came with its original box and all the above paperwork! did i mention mom paid $4 for this beauty? $4!!!}

revisiting film-

the uncertainty

 happy accidents and the thrill of surprise

mistakes that teach and perfection undefined

careful choices of subject

rushed snaps- frames sacrificed

for a few precious shots at the beginning of the roll

disappointment and chance

chaos and patience

it is temporary, timeless, fragile and pure

i think Greta has a lot to teach me. i feel she is anxious to remind me why i fell in love with photography years ago. i am ready for the adventure, Greta!

**more lovely finds- and on Easter Sunday of all days- a real “golden egg” hunt, indeed!**

::pretty blue wire basket::

{to hold all my golden eggs, of course}

::vintage napkins::

::le taureau mug::by taylor & ng 1979::

this mug was an amazing find for several reasons-

1. mike was just complaining that we only have one “larger” mug and it happens to be my favorite, and is never available for sharing

2. apparently these taylor & ng “french collection” mugs are rare and can be priced up to $70 on some sites!

3. le taureau. bull. for mike. perfect! {i mean that in the most loving way possible! you know… bulls are mannly and stuff}

4. that “larger” mug that is never available for sharing that i mentioned above…well, it’s part of the same collection! so now we each have a vintage french mug by taylor & ng so we can share equal amounts of tea/coffee/chai

yep. mine is “cochon”. pig.

and it is perfect.

{a gift from allison last winter}

i love treasure hunting days- it is the best possible shopping experience!


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