april in review

three words to describe april:




yes, our april was more rainy than it was sunny, but it all boils down to spring. and spring means summer is on her way!

it’s a little too easy to blame it on the rain and feel blue when it is so very gray out side. i find it easy to find beauty in the rain, but inside i find disappointment and impatience. the challenge, of course, is to find the sunny spots and to soak up the sun when it streams through the clouds.

when the sun shines on my gray days i find inspiration and adventure and  joy. the longer the sun shines on my days, the longer my smiles last, the less my back screams at me, and the easier it is to forget about all the things i can’t do right now and just enjoy what i can do.

so, thanks april, for giving me a little taste of spring while also giving me an excuse to stay inside to rest. without you i would have rushed into summer fun without taking the time i needed to heal. even though the rain gets a little old i appreciate the beauty and necessity of all those little drops of water. (we could do without the violent storms though…)


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