treasure hunting

saturday morning started early. i arrived at my friend angela’s house at 7:45 am and found her little kiddo lola ready for our day of garage sale treasure hunting!

we had such a fun day together! after several “real” garage sales and lots and lots of treasures found we stopped at the monroe county fair grounds where iu credit union was holding a huge group “garage sale”. they even had popcorn!!

angela found tons of great kids clothes and some good things for herself too!

i found lots of random goodies that made me smile! here are a few of my treasures:

some children’s books to add to my collection

my favorite find of the day was the book the day the cow sneezed- 

the colors and illustrations are fantastic and the story made me laugh out loud!

a beautiful hand-embroidered table runner

a few more  fun books

and some colorful yarn for doll accessories

{frankie loves to get in on the photo taking fun too!}

::a day in the sun with good friends and a smiley little lola and finding garage sale treasures–unbeatable!::


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