calm. sunny. windy.

i sat in the sun reading-stealing glances at the pretty pink wildflowers growing next to the shed. i laughed at my pups while they cried to a squirrel from the base of the big tree. then the wind changed and the rain came. at first i didn’t budge. didn’t even blink twice at those fat raindrops. i just removed my sunglasses, turned my face up to the sky and let the rain fall on my cheeks. then i considered my library book, phone, journal, pillow, and laundry…and i moved to action. slowly and with purpose, not rushing but still getting the goods inside. i left the laundry up at first, what damage can a little more water do after all. as the drops came faster and thicker i began taking the laundry in.i treated myself with a yummy, nutritious (um, mostly nutritious) lunch.

today was a peaceful day.

::our very overgrown backyard::

::yep, that is a piece of toast with peanut butter and nutella with slices of strawberries::

::and a pineapple strawberry smoothie::

::it was deeeeeeelicious::

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