growing up.

we have a robin’s nest perched above the light next to our front door.

mama watches us very carefully from the closest branch she can find as we come in and out throughout the day.

and the babies squawk for food while mama makes sure we aren’t harming them.

they are growing up so fast! before we know it they will be leaving the nest to fly free in the world!


well, turns out it was “before we we know it”! they grew up and flew away without us even saying goodbye. we did get to see one learning to fly on the front lawn though!

they have  been gone for almost a week now and i still look up at the nest every time i walk in or out the front door. now we move on to other miracles of summer, like tomatoes and peppers and basil, oh my!

anniversary weekend.

we had a wonderful anniversary weekend{despite me getting us “lost” twice in the same day!}

thanks to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary! we felt loved!

mostly, we celebrated by eating!

el ranchero, buffalo wild wings, donuts, domo {sushi}, pizza, wine, movie theater popcorn, european cooking school…it was AMAZING!

{full of sushi}

{full of european delights}

we did other stuff, besides eating, but that was definitely the highlight!

here’s to year 2!

one year.

on  june 18 2010, mike and i stood together in front of our family and friends, vowing to love each other forever.

“i eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together- getting to know the person you will become and falling in love a little more every day. i promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us and to help shoulder your challenges; there is nothing we cannot face when we stand together. i promise to be your partner in all things. in your heart, i have found my home. with you, i am whole and alive. you make me laugh. you let me cry. you are my breath, my every heartbeat. you are my inspiration and i love you.”

{our personally written vows}

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they say you won’t remember much of your wedding day, and for us that was completely true! what we do remember  is feeling loved and celebrated, being happier than we have ever been, and feeling so very excited for our future together! really, what more could you ask to remember?

today we will look at pictures, watch our video, listen to the music we played for the ceremony, tell stories about our day and our first year. and what a year it has been! today we will celebrate our joys, but also our hardships and the strength we had together to get through them. we are so much stronger now,  we are an unbreakable force, a team that stands strong together in good and bad. all the little daily annoyances of marriage are trivial next to everything we have conquered this year!

mike, i could not ask for a more gentle, loving, supportive and strong partner for life! thank you for loving me through sickness and health, richer or poorer, good times and bad. {who knew year one could throw that many tests at one couple?!}  you never give up and never let me down, but my favorite thing is that you can’t stand for my smile to fade! we have said all year, “well, if we can get through this…we can get through anything!” and i know with my whole heart that is absolutely true. i have complete  faith in us!

so  let’s go rule the world now, honey!


to everyone who shared our day with us one year ago, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! all of you made our day absolutely perfect!

in honor.

ed and betty kordenbrock were married on june 18, 1947.

the love they shared endured many, many years of  ups and downs. i always admired their marriage and got teary every time  i caught them holding hands. they were playful and romantic. grandpa would give grandma little pinches and rub his whiskers on her cheek. grandma would tease him them beam the sweetest little girl smile his way. they annoyed and adored each other. they were strong for each other and for their family. they were a team.

together they had 9 children and raised a fine and loving family. they were faithful and loyal people.

they went on countless adventures together, traveling the country first with kids in tow in a station wagon, then later in their motor-home, often with groups of friends. they visited several countries and enjoyed cruises together.

it was impossible to imagine one without the other. and when grandpa passed, grandma was completely lost. she looked lonely and small, half of her heart and soul was missing. She passed only a year after, as you so often hear happens with couples who have been together for the majority of their lives (60 years!).

for all of these reasons and more, mike and i chose to get married on friday, june 18th 2010 in honor of my grandparents. these were two of the loveliest people i have known. i am very sorry mike never met them and that they were not able to see me marry such a fantastic man. they would have been so proud.

i still talk to them all the time- especially when the sun beams down through the clouds. i know they are watching over mike and i, giving us strength and courage to keep our marriage as true and loving as theirs.

on june 18th, we will celebrate our  anniversary, but also honor the marriage of ed and betty- a love that lasted a lifetime.

read me::anthropology of an american girl

i forgot to post about this fantastic book i recently finished. it took me F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to read, but only because it was so deep. }yes, i said “deep”!}i had to take the time to let everything soak in. this is the story about a girl. just a normal girl growing from teenager to woman, stumbling through life trying to make sense of her feelings and the actions of others. her relationships brought about all sorts of memories from my own high school and young adulthood. it was like visiting old memories with a new light shed on them. we don’t often take the time to reflect on our past in such a clear and peaceful way. of course, growing up is painful and those growing pains surely don’t end after high school! this story helped me realize that growing up is a constant- we grow up until we are gone. learning and struggling to define ourselves is an ongoing process throughout our entire lifetime.

  truly, this book is one every single woman should read- i think everyone of us can relate to the struggles and celebrations illustrated in the flawless and poetic writing of hilary thayer hamann!

i think i need to own this book so i can re-visit it on occasion.

Anthropology of an American Girl

by Hilary Thayer Hamann


last year.

a year ago  this week i was counting down to my wedding day! i was sewing bow ties for 3 special little guys,  tu-tu’s for 2 special little girls, and pretty flower barrettes for 2 other special girls. i was piecing together terrariums, stuffing tote bags, folding fabric napkins, writing vows, trying on my dress- AGAIN, crying, laughing, not sleeping. but i was also doing some mandatory relaxing! allison {bff.forever.} rented the two of us a tiny little cabin in nashville so i would be forced to rest and breathe before the wedding. she knows my body! she knew without that space away-from my sewing machine, laundry, dishes, and other things that would keep me frenzied and stressed- i would be an absolute mess. and, that little cabin {with cable, hot tub, wine, delicious food, and resident kitty} did the trick!

4 days til our anniversary.

i can’t believe it’s been a year already!

good things.

i have lots of good things to say about lots of good people:

to captain husband- thank you so much for being my booth buddy yesterday!

to allison- my new lumbar pillow saved my back yesterday and forever!

to all my friends who stopped by to say hello- you brightened my day and made me feel loved!

to everyone who “ooed and aahed” over my work- you made me feel so proud!

to the organizers of IHE- you did an amazing job of organizing the event, thanks a million times to you!


to all the wonderful artists i had the pleasure of sharing an event with yesterday-

i feel so grateful to be in the crafter world with all of you sweet and talented people!

listed below are only a handful of the lovely people i met and admired yesterday. please click on their links and show your appreciation for their contribution to a more beautifully handmade place to live.

some new favorites:


{abby, thanks for trading with me! i can’t wait to meet up for crafting next time i’m in cinci!}

deid goods

{deb and her mother were our lovely neighbors for the day}

morninglori on etsy and morninglorivine blog

{mike and i were both completely obsessed with every single sculpture by lori! her work is truly unique and stunningly beautiful!}

lolley on esty and kathleen lolley’s website

{kathleen’s work is even more amazing in person…especially her shadow boxes!}

off the beaten path

matt cipov on etsy and matt cipov website

and some familiar favorites:

the wind and the sail

{laura…i’m exited to join in on your little crafter group sometime soon!}

sadly harmless

cordial kitten


my wire empire

since i am only mentioning a very select few here, please check out some of the artists listed on the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange vendor page! there were so many great artists there!!

OH! the food {duos} and beer {sun king brewery} were also amazing!