busy, busy, busy.

has it really been a week since my last post? {i would love to think that there are several friends and family out there desperately waiting for a new post…it’s all so secret in the blogging world!} i am busy busy busy today, but wanted to pop in for a quick “hello, how are ya!”

i have tons of pictures to share from my very long and friend-filled weekend, but for now i must make it quick. i am trying to sew and prepare as much as i can for my upcoming art show- INDIEana Handicraft Exchange– on june 11! i have to take advantage of “feel-good” days and sew my butt off when i can! thankfully, today is a (somewhat) “feel-good” day!

aren’t you super curious what i’m up to today? well here’s a little run down:

working on: owls and bunnies!

wearing: denim shorts, fave black tank, and my new favorite comfy sweatshirt (and bare feet!)

listening to: the sounds of my neighborhood- because it cooled down and i can work with the windows open!!

thinking about: how to set up my display for the show

eating: nothing yet today – i’m huuuuuungry! (that was a whining voice, by-the-way)

and here are some shots of my studio right now!

::wonder bunny & captain hoo::::new jewelry on its way::

::ladies in waiting::

::mini flower clip::

::basket of bow & flower barrettes::

::sewing a wing::::bunny tail::

okay…back to work! well…maybe after lunch!


One thought on “busy, busy, busy.

  1. Love the ladies in waiting! Now I’m imagining them in some big Cinderella ball, doing one of those weird old timey dances in a slow circle….:)

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