oh, wrigley.

another find from today’s garage sale was this brilliant advertisement booklet made for children by Wrigley.

it certainly deserves its own post!

a cute, fun, cheerful zoo-yes, please, I want to go to there!

{and yes, that sign says “PLEASE FEED THE ANIMALS”}

inside is a pop-up picture with “Interesting Facts about Raccoons”

{including the sentence, “Sometimes they leave the woods and sneak right up to peoples’ homes and gardens to see what they can find”}

well, well, well, little Mr. Wrigley, I wonder why raccoons seek out people to find food??!!

and on the back little Ricky Raccoon tells the story of cleaning up in the evening after a day of playing

but instead of brushing his teeth, his mom gives him “some Delicious Wrigley’s  Spearmint Gum”

{wow, really, Wrigley?}

not only do they encourage teachers to participate in their ad campaign…

but they also offer a ballsy “Suggestion to Mother”

{healthful and wholesome, eh?}

this has to be the most brilliant advertising i have ever seen!


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