on the road again.

about 6 years ago i was living in berkeley and i was a girl in need of a bike. a&g were out driving one day and saw a bright blue beauty at a garage sale. she was only $5. they brought her home to me and  it was love at first sight. she needed a little tlc, but in no time at all she was ready for the road.

for a long time i road* lucky*every single day. since moving back to the midwest, though, our rides together are a lot less frequent.  with my recent back surgeries and very long recovery i have been unable to do any type of exercising, even walking. it occurred to me, though, that i might be able to ride *lucky* without too much discomfort…turns out i was right!

yesterday mike helped me pump up the tires then i washed my bike like i did when i was a kid. when she was all shined and pumped up i carefully climbed on and took off down the street.

it. felt. amazing.

my body was moving, the wind was blowing over my sunburned skin, and i was smiling from ear to ear! i felt like the luckiest, happiest kid on the block!

we’re back, lucky and i


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