good things.

i have lots of good things to say about lots of good people:

to captain husband- thank you so much for being my booth buddy yesterday!

to allison- my new lumbar pillow saved my back yesterday and forever!

to all my friends who stopped by to say hello- you brightened my day and made me feel loved!

to everyone who “ooed and aahed” over my work- you made me feel so proud!

to the organizers of IHE- you did an amazing job of organizing the event, thanks a million times to you!


to all the wonderful artists i had the pleasure of sharing an event with yesterday-

i feel so grateful to be in the crafter world with all of you sweet and talented people!

listed below are only a handful of the lovely people i met and admired yesterday. please click on their links and show your appreciation for their contribution to a more beautifully handmade place to live.

some new favorites:


{abby, thanks for trading with me! i can’t wait to meet up for crafting next time i’m in cinci!}

deid goods

{deb and her mother were our lovely neighbors for the day}

morninglori on etsy and morninglorivine blog

{mike and i were both completely obsessed with every single sculpture by lori! her work is truly unique and stunningly beautiful!}

lolley on esty and kathleen lolley’s website

{kathleen’s work is even more amazing in person…especially her shadow boxes!}

off the beaten path

matt cipov on etsy and matt cipov website

and some familiar favorites:

the wind and the sail

{laura…i’m exited to join in on your little crafter group sometime soon!}

sadly harmless

cordial kitten


my wire empire

since i am only mentioning a very select few here, please check out some of the artists listed on the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange vendor page! there were so many great artists there!!

OH! the food {duos} and beer {sun king brewery} were also amazing!


One thought on “good things.

  1. I feel so awesome being mentioned next to these amazing people! and yes, crafty time soon. I’m planning a de-stash white trash party. basically, everyone cleans out their craft supplies and you bring a trashy dish. like a jello mold or bean dip. Should be a blast.

    oh, and. I’m the girl who said that I internet stalk you. because I do. a lot. you are awesome.

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