IHE day!

Yesterday was the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange in Indianapolis. I had SO much fun! Captain Husband came with me and schlepped everything from the car to our booth.  {thanks, my love!} We had a great day together and with all the wonderful vendors and shoppers!

Thank you to everyone for being so organized, fun, supportive, excited, friendly and all around GREAT!

My booth turned out pretty cute

I learned a lot for next time though

IHE was pretty busy all day long- from about 11:30 am until about 8:30 pm!

this was the view from my chair!

we had some very sweet and super-enthusiastic girls visit the booth- they wanted to know every dolls name and wanted to snuggle them too!

{i got permission from their father to post these shots!}

There was an extra-special girl who visited the booth and took home a new bunny- MADDIE!

I’m so happy you have a new friend, Maddie!

**The highlight of my day was the lovely lady to stopped by first thing yesterday morning to say “I just wanted you to know I totally stalk you online!” I squealed, clapped my hands, giggled, and smiled from ear to ear for the rest of the day!**

**whoever you are, lovely lady, please send me a message so we can be friends!**

ALSO- I now have dolls at *homespun*, a wonderful store full of modern handmade goods located at 5624 washington street in indianapolis. check out their site and stop in the shop to see all the beautiful handmade items!

I’ll be back  later with links to some of my new crafty friends!


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