last year.

a year ago  this week i was counting down to my wedding day! i was sewing bow ties for 3 special little guys,  tu-tu’s for 2 special little girls, and pretty flower barrettes for 2 other special girls. i was piecing together terrariums, stuffing tote bags, folding fabric napkins, writing vows, trying on my dress- AGAIN, crying, laughing, not sleeping. but i was also doing some mandatory relaxing! allison {bff.forever.} rented the two of us a tiny little cabin in nashville so i would be forced to rest and breathe before the wedding. she knows my body! she knew without that space away-from my sewing machine, laundry, dishes, and other things that would keep me frenzied and stressed- i would be an absolute mess. and, that little cabin {with cable, hot tub, wine, delicious food, and resident kitty} did the trick!

4 days til our anniversary.

i can’t believe it’s been a year already!


One thought on “last year.

  1. Wow! Where did those pictures resurface from and what else have you got hidden up your sleeve?
    Those were some fun days weren’t they? I’m raising my imaginary glass of wine right now (imaginary only because I’m at work) and toasting to more days like that in the future!!!

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