in honor.

ed and betty kordenbrock were married on june 18, 1947.

the love they shared endured many, many years of  ups and downs. i always admired their marriage and got teary every time  i caught them holding hands. they were playful and romantic. grandpa would give grandma little pinches and rub his whiskers on her cheek. grandma would tease him them beam the sweetest little girl smile his way. they annoyed and adored each other. they were strong for each other and for their family. they were a team.

together they had 9 children and raised a fine and loving family. they were faithful and loyal people.

they went on countless adventures together, traveling the country first with kids in tow in a station wagon, then later in their motor-home, often with groups of friends. they visited several countries and enjoyed cruises together.

it was impossible to imagine one without the other. and when grandpa passed, grandma was completely lost. she looked lonely and small, half of her heart and soul was missing. She passed only a year after, as you so often hear happens with couples who have been together for the majority of their lives (60 years!).

for all of these reasons and more, mike and i chose to get married on friday, june 18th 2010 in honor of my grandparents. these were two of the loveliest people i have known. i am very sorry mike never met them and that they were not able to see me marry such a fantastic man. they would have been so proud.

i still talk to them all the time- especially when the sun beams down through the clouds. i know they are watching over mike and i, giving us strength and courage to keep our marriage as true and loving as theirs.

on june 18th, we will celebrate our  anniversary, but also honor the marriage of ed and betty- a love that lasted a lifetime.


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