one year.

on  june 18 2010, mike and i stood together in front of our family and friends, vowing to love each other forever.

“i eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together- getting to know the person you will become and falling in love a little more every day. i promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us and to help shoulder your challenges; there is nothing we cannot face when we stand together. i promise to be your partner in all things. in your heart, i have found my home. with you, i am whole and alive. you make me laugh. you let me cry. you are my breath, my every heartbeat. you are my inspiration and i love you.”

{our personally written vows}

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they say you won’t remember much of your wedding day, and for us that was completely true! what we do remember  is feeling loved and celebrated, being happier than we have ever been, and feeling so very excited for our future together! really, what more could you ask to remember?

today we will look at pictures, watch our video, listen to the music we played for the ceremony, tell stories about our day and our first year. and what a year it has been! today we will celebrate our joys, but also our hardships and the strength we had together to get through them. we are so much stronger now,  we are an unbreakable force, a team that stands strong together in good and bad. all the little daily annoyances of marriage are trivial next to everything we have conquered this year!

mike, i could not ask for a more gentle, loving, supportive and strong partner for life! thank you for loving me through sickness and health, richer or poorer, good times and bad. {who knew year one could throw that many tests at one couple?!}  you never give up and never let me down, but my favorite thing is that you can’t stand for my smile to fade! we have said all year, “well, if we can get through this…we can get through anything!” and i know with my whole heart that is absolutely true. i have complete  faith in us!

so  let’s go rule the world now, honey!


to everyone who shared our day with us one year ago, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! all of you made our day absolutely perfect!


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