i must apologize to those of you who have come here to see something new and have been highly disappointed to find the same ol’ post staring at you for the last 15 days! yeah, super sorry about my absence. here’s a promise- starting tomorrow you will have some serious eye-candy to keep you busy! i have some summer bits & pieces, a family reunion, trip to chicago with my man, and an amazing concert to share with you!

for now  i would like to talk about stand-up comedy. at one point in my life i was surrounded by comedians (and comediennes- ugh, they are the WORST). being around funny people sounds fun, right. well, not so much. here are a few reasons: 1) you can not be funnier than a comedian and especially a comedienne! 2) they will make fun of you, humiliate you, hang you out to dry, make you hate yourself, embarrass you (you get the point) all in the name of a good laugh from strangers. 3) they are highly competitive and often un-loyal friends. 4) the whole self-deprivation thing is only funny if you don’t know all that shit is actually true!

i know this is a gross generalization and it is entirely possible that there are comedians who do not fit the above description. i have not found them. because i have been wronged and unimpressed by SO MANY comedians in the past, i find myself saying “oh, no thanks, i HATE stand-up”. usually, i am right to have doubted their “talent”. but tonight i laughed. hard. for an hour and a half. seriously, i did!

this morning mike heard dave foley on the bob & tom show and called to tell me he would be at the comedy attic in bloomington tonight! he was excited. we are both fans of kids in the hall (especially mike) so i said “let’s go!” and we did. (good story, i know!) anyway- the show was really great! mike & i had a really fun time together and we even got to meet dave after the show! here’s our proof! 🙂

after this picture with mike, dave insisted i have a picture taken with him too because “you know, in case you guys break up, hahaha” (quote)
{dave, thanks for the back rub + grunting…uh, that was, um, nice?} 🙂


whoa! i can’t believe i missed it! i have surpassed 1000 views on this little blog in just about 4 months!

thank you very much to those of you who stop by my humble little space.

i cannot write tonight, i also cannot sleep.

but i do want to give you something, so here is a collection of some special summer items from etsy. i wanted to do 1000  but that seemed like an awful lot, and would make like 4 pages of photos- for only one post!!

{remember 100 day in kindergarten? i loved 100 day}

johnny vintage-vintage suitcase

leVintage Maison- vintage lunch set

VitalVintage- vintage camp stool

conduit press- vintage encyclopedia hollow book

the greedy seagull- 60’s woven clutch

curbside curator- vintage pennants

twin hearts vintage- 80’s shades

the bold banana-i like naps shirt

alley cats vintage- vintage straw hat

a velvet leaf – vintage metal tray

scout dry goods- vintage yellow dress


lately mondays are hard. after a weekend spending quality time with husband and friends, i find myself spending mondays in pain, restless, and laying on the couch all day. sigh. there was a time when socializing was painful in an all-together different way (too personal to discuss here). now socializing is physically painful and that is so very frustrating. even when being with mike and friends includes pool time, watching a movie, and a cookout- i still find it myself wincing in pain and shifting every few minutes to try desperately to find a comfortable position. the only thing that comforts me is coming home to lay in bed with ice under my back. for every good day, if seems, i have at least 2 “bad” days. it’s hard to not feel like i am wasting time while laying around for an entire day. i know that relaxing and laying on ice is usually better medicine than the pills i try to avoid taking, but it. is. so. hard. to. do.

one thing i can do on mondays that helps me feel less….lazy….is to look through the photo’s i took during the weekend. this weekend- we celebrated! my wonderful husband got a well-deserved promotion! he will have a new position in a bank closer to our home in only a few weeks! first we celebrated with wings and beer then a fire on friday evening.

then on saturday we ran some errands, visited a friend at a fair of the arts *hi talia, your booth looked great!*. we had lunch at a new place in town- huhot {a so yummy mongolian grill}. later that evening we joined angela and matt for more yummy food and watching a movie from their pool! it was a lovely evening!

{alien in the pool!}

sunday mike helped his friend brew some beer and we spent time with our new friends. it was a wonderful weekend that completely exhausted me and my aching back! at least i have something nice to remember on mondays!

{i don’t have many from this weekend because i have been experimenting with a few of my film cameras lately}

happy monday… and looking forward to tuesday!

read me: x4

i have been a reading fool lately! i have stacks of books i have been wanting to read and my sunny yard begs me to “relax, read a little” which turns into hours of reading, sipping sun tea and sunning my pale legs! (ah, the life!) i recently finished 4  books so quickly i forgot to post about them!

1 & 2 were the last of my sookie stackhouse books (there are 2 more in the series, so far, i think…) those books are just. plain. fun. i fly through them then immediately crave more! so fun!

the 3rd book was the secret life of bees by sue monk kidd. it was truly fantastic! i was quickly drawn in by the main character- a young girl trying to both escape and understand her small life. the family she makes for herself is unlikely, but comforting and loving. the writing was poetic. it took me back to being a child in that in-between time when change and acceptance are craved but always seemed unreachable. this young girl is brave and daring but with the wonder and naivete of  a child aching to be loved.

book 4 was the lacuna by barbara kingsolver. she is one of my top 5 favorite writers- every single thing she has written has completely captivated me! I never want her books to end and the lacuna was no exception! in this brilliant book, kingsolver mixed real people (frida kahlo & diego rivera) and real historical events (the exile of russian revolutionary leon trotsky, and house committee on un-american activities (HCUA)) with fictional characters and events.  while reading this book, i kept thinking “i want to read this again!” i also wanted to read all of the novels and journals written by harrison shepard, the main character. i was convinced for most of the book that harrison shepard must be real– his story was so beautifully documented and so very tragic. alas, he is not a real person, but i enjoyed his story nonetheless! i especially found all the historically accurate pieces of the book to be both fascinating and terrifying. kingsolver gave me a glimpse of the terror people endured during the red scare. truly an amazing book for so many reasons!

…and already i am finishing up my 5th book in just over a month-  angels & demons by dan brown. stay tuned for more summer reading! and hopefully soon i will have an “AWESOME  Book Club” to share my reading thoughts with!

the little book club that could.

About a month ago {has it been longer than that already?} I had big plans for a book club. I posted about my grand plan on facebook and had some very enthusiastic responses almost immediately. I was very excited. I asked Christina to choose our first book (Water for Elephants) and we were off…or so I thought! Then it all just sort of petered out.

I sent out more messages, asking if more friends & family were interested in  joining…I got nothin’. ho-hum. BUT- I am determined to make this book club AWESOME, even if I have to do it alone! I know there are smart, interesting people out there just dying to discuss their recent reads with others…so where are all of you? {call me, write me…please!}

Last I checked it was down to 6 of us, and only 4 who live in Bloomington (not a problem at all, but I am hoping for regular meetings, so more locals are needed)! Can’t our little book club do better than this??? “What book club, Jessica” might be the question on your tongue…I know, I have not been holding up my end of the deal. SO I am re-committing to my role as “Awesome Book Club Manager” here and now. I vow to stay on top of this group, find a few new “Awesome Readers”, check in on reading progress and organize meetings (but all in a really fun way, I promise)! So…wanna join? You know you want to…..

I am setting  our Official First Meeting for Wednesday, July 20th at 7pm at my house. If you are interested in being AWESOME but cannot make it, please tell me 3 dates/times that would work better for you. I am happy to oblige a better date/time since I just pulled that date out of my hat! The deadline for suggesting new meeting times will be the beginning of next week, Monday, July 11. I will announce the Official Official First Meeting next Monday. Stay tuned.

Let’s get this show on the road! (oh, and boys are welcome to join too, this doesn’t have to be a ladies-only club, although it could be…whatever, I just want to read with friends!)

freedom to celebrate.

round these parts, we celebrate on the 2nd, then the 3rd…and sometimes the 4th too!


we celebrated at our little nest with friends and family.

we had great music, fireworks, food, pups, one little kiddo, 2 (3) birthdays, and lots of fun!

{happy, happy birthday to angela & allison… and america too!}

{lola looked terribly frightened after each “BOOM” then she would giggle uncontrollably- how smart is she? *wink*}


we joined more friends as angela & matt’s for some pool time, more food, more friends and family, more kiddo’s,  more pups, and MORE fun!

bridger: “hi there, lola, i wanna hug you!”

lola: “um, ‘scuse me, bridger, i’m eating here, if you don’t mind!”

{bold move, here- not just any photo of me but a swimsuit picture- oh my, oh my!}


parade?…no way…we couldn’t do it! too much celebration for one weekend! instead we napped, read and lazed about!

{as you should on any holiday weekend!}

but…just for fun, here are some shots from last year

hope you had a fun 4th too!

doll love.

I recently received an update from one of the dolls I sold on Etsy– Max is happy at home with little Chase in Glendale California (lucky!), having all sorts of adventures this summer! Here is the latest update from Chase’s mama; “Chase still loves to play with Max. He’s accompanied us to the park, beach and other fun places. He calls him Mak- hahahahaha…

Anna (Chase’s mom) also sent me a link to her blog where she posted about Max’s arrival back in March. Anna wrote the sweetest post about all the fun things her little guy enjoys with his new friend, Max. She also said some very kind and encouraging words about my shop! {*thank you dearly, Anna & Chase!*}

I often wonder about my dolls out and about in the world…where are they now and what fun are they getting themselves into? Are they being loved and hugged or admired from a shelf? Toted around town? Carried in tiny arms to the park, getting dirty and being a good friend? Are they eating well and getting a lot of snuggles? Remembering their manners and enjoying every minute of their life? I wish all the best for my dolls when I send them away from the *opposite of far* nest. It warms my heart to see photos and get a note here and there.  If you have a doll or wish to find one for your family, remember the maker and drop a line! 🙂

p.s. more dolls to come later this month!