freedom to celebrate.

round these parts, we celebrate on the 2nd, then the 3rd…and sometimes the 4th too!


we celebrated at our little nest with friends and family.

we had great music, fireworks, food, pups, one little kiddo, 2 (3) birthdays, and lots of fun!

{happy, happy birthday to angela & allison… and america too!}

{lola looked terribly frightened after each “BOOM” then she would giggle uncontrollably- how smart is she? *wink*}


we joined more friends as angela & matt’s for some pool time, more food, more friends and family, more kiddo’s,  more pups, and MORE fun!

bridger: “hi there, lola, i wanna hug you!”

lola: “um, ‘scuse me, bridger, i’m eating here, if you don’t mind!”

{bold move, here- not just any photo of me but a swimsuit picture- oh my, oh my!}


parade?…no way…we couldn’t do it! too much celebration for one weekend! instead we napped, read and lazed about!

{as you should on any holiday weekend!}

but…just for fun, here are some shots from last year

hope you had a fun 4th too!


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