doll love.

I recently received an update from one of the dolls I sold on Etsy– Max is happy at home with little Chase in Glendale California (lucky!), having all sorts of adventures this summer! Here is the latest update from Chase’s mama; “Chase still loves to play with Max. He’s accompanied us to the park, beach and other fun places. He calls him Mak- hahahahaha…

Anna (Chase’s mom) also sent me a link to her blog where she posted about Max’s arrival back in March. Anna wrote the sweetest post about all the fun things her little guy enjoys with his new friend, Max. She also said some very kind and encouraging words about my shop! {*thank you dearly, Anna & Chase!*}

I often wonder about my dolls out and about in the world…where are they now and what fun are they getting themselves into? Are they being loved and hugged or admired from a shelf? Toted around town? Carried in tiny arms to the park, getting dirty and being a good friend? Are they eating well and getting a lot of snuggles? Remembering their manners and enjoying every minute of their life? I wish all the best for my dolls when I send them away from the *opposite of far* nest. It warms my heart to see photos and get a note here and there.  If you have a doll or wish to find one for your family, remember the maker and drop a line! 🙂

p.s. more dolls to come later this month!




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