read me: x4

i have been a reading fool lately! i have stacks of books i have been wanting to read and my sunny yard begs me to “relax, read a little” which turns into hours of reading, sipping sun tea and sunning my pale legs! (ah, the life!) i recently finished 4  books so quickly i forgot to post about them!

1 & 2 were the last of my sookie stackhouse books (there are 2 more in the series, so far, i think…) those books are just. plain. fun. i fly through them then immediately crave more! so fun!

the 3rd book was the secret life of bees by sue monk kidd. it was truly fantastic! i was quickly drawn in by the main character- a young girl trying to both escape and understand her small life. the family she makes for herself is unlikely, but comforting and loving. the writing was poetic. it took me back to being a child in that in-between time when change and acceptance are craved but always seemed unreachable. this young girl is brave and daring but with the wonder and naivete of  a child aching to be loved.

book 4 was the lacuna by barbara kingsolver. she is one of my top 5 favorite writers- every single thing she has written has completely captivated me! I never want her books to end and the lacuna was no exception! in this brilliant book, kingsolver mixed real people (frida kahlo & diego rivera) and real historical events (the exile of russian revolutionary leon trotsky, and house committee on un-american activities (HCUA)) with fictional characters and events.  while reading this book, i kept thinking “i want to read this again!” i also wanted to read all of the novels and journals written by harrison shepard, the main character. i was convinced for most of the book that harrison shepard must be real– his story was so beautifully documented and so very tragic. alas, he is not a real person, but i enjoyed his story nonetheless! i especially found all the historically accurate pieces of the book to be both fascinating and terrifying. kingsolver gave me a glimpse of the terror people endured during the red scare. truly an amazing book for so many reasons!

…and already i am finishing up my 5th book in just over a month-  angels & demons by dan brown. stay tuned for more summer reading! and hopefully soon i will have an “AWESOME  Book Club” to share my reading thoughts with!


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