lately mondays are hard. after a weekend spending quality time with husband and friends, i find myself spending mondays in pain, restless, and laying on the couch all day. sigh. there was a time when socializing was painful in an all-together different way (too personal to discuss here). now socializing is physically painful and that is so very frustrating. even when being with mike and friends includes pool time, watching a movie, and a cookout- i still find it myself wincing in pain and shifting every few minutes to try desperately to find a comfortable position. the only thing that comforts me is coming home to lay in bed with ice under my back. for every good day, if seems, i have at least 2 “bad” days. it’s hard to not feel like i am wasting time while laying around for an entire day. i know that relaxing and laying on ice is usually better medicine than the pills i try to avoid taking, but it. is. so. hard. to. do.

one thing i can do on mondays that helps me feel less….lazy….is to look through the photo’s i took during the weekend. this weekend- we celebrated! my wonderful husband got a well-deserved promotion! he will have a new position in a bank closer to our home in only a few weeks! first we celebrated with wings and beer then a fire on friday evening.

then on saturday we ran some errands, visited a friend at a fair of the arts *hi talia, your booth looked great!*. we had lunch at a new place in town- huhot {a so yummy mongolian grill}. later that evening we joined angela and matt for more yummy food and watching a movie from their pool! it was a lovely evening!

{alien in the pool!}

sunday mike helped his friend brew some beer and we spent time with our new friends. it was a wonderful weekend that completely exhausted me and my aching back! at least i have something nice to remember on mondays!

{i don’t have many from this weekend because i have been experimenting with a few of my film cameras lately}

happy monday… and looking forward to tuesday!


3 thoughts on “mondays.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re in such pain:( but sometimes the pain is worth the quality friendships we make along the way…hope you feel better!

  2. Congrats to Mike!! How exciting! I can’t wait to see you this weekend! I hate monday’s too. The kids seem grumpy every monday….we say “they’ve got a case of the mondays” Hope your week is getting better. I love you!

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