whoa! i can’t believe i missed it! i have surpassed 1000 views on this little blog in just about 4 months!

thank you very much to those of you who stop by my humble little space.

i cannot write tonight, i also cannot sleep.

but i do want to give you something, so here is a collection of some special summer items from etsy. i wanted to do 1000  but that seemed like an awful lot, and would make like 4 pages of photos- for only one post!!

{remember 100 day in kindergarten? i loved 100 day}

johnny vintage-vintage suitcase

leVintage Maison- vintage lunch set

VitalVintage- vintage camp stool

conduit press- vintage encyclopedia hollow book

the greedy seagull- 60’s woven clutch

curbside curator- vintage pennants

twin hearts vintage- 80’s shades

the bold banana-i like naps shirt

alley cats vintage- vintage straw hat

a velvet leaf – vintage metal tray

scout dry goods- vintage yellow dress


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