i must apologize to those of you who have come here to see something new and have been highly disappointed to find the same ol’ post staring at you for the last 15 days! yeah, super sorry about my absence. here’s a promise- starting tomorrow you will have some serious eye-candy to keep you busy! i have some summer bits & pieces, a family reunion, trip to chicago with my man, and an amazing concert to share with you!

for now  i would like to talk about stand-up comedy. at one point in my life i was surrounded by comedians (and comediennes- ugh, they are the WORST). being around funny people sounds fun, right. well, not so much. here are a few reasons: 1) you can not be funnier than a comedian and especially a comedienne! 2) they will make fun of you, humiliate you, hang you out to dry, make you hate yourself, embarrass you (you get the point) all in the name of a good laugh from strangers. 3) they are highly competitive and often un-loyal friends. 4) the whole self-deprivation thing is only funny if you don’t know all that shit is actually true!

i know this is a gross generalization and it is entirely possible that there are comedians who do not fit the above description. i have not found them. because i have been wronged and unimpressed by SO MANY comedians in the past, i find myself saying “oh, no thanks, i HATE stand-up”. usually, i am right to have doubted their “talent”. but tonight i laughed. hard. for an hour and a half. seriously, i did!

this morning mike heard dave foley on the bob & tom show and called to tell me he would be at the comedy attic in bloomington tonight! he was excited. we are both fans of kids in the hall (especially mike) so i said “let’s go!” and we did. (good story, i know!) anyway- the show was really great! mike & i had a really fun time together and we even got to meet dave after the show! here’s our proof! 🙂

after this picture with mike, dave insisted i have a picture taken with him too because “you know, in case you guys break up, hahaha” (quote)
{dave, thanks for the back rub + grunting…uh, that was, um, nice?} 🙂


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