goin’ to the fair.

i grew up going to the county fair. the fair was like our own little universe where we were free from our parents, made our own decisions and never tired of circling the tiny fairgrounds. we spent our money on lemon shake-ups, carnival games and ride tickets. we wandered around and around visiting our friends who had animals and flirting with cute boys from other schools. we would stay until closing time-our parents would pick us up at the front gate. on the “late” nights there was even more intrigue- the smells were stronger, the lights on the rides zoomed past our heads, our skin was tanned and salty from sweating in the july heat, we felt dizzy with freedom and the dark night made us feel daring.

the fair isn’t really like that anymore for me. it seems smaller now. instead of feeling dizzy with freedom, i feel dizzy just looking up at those crazy rides. i do enjoy observing the “new” fair kids-cowboy boots with tiny shorts, giant belt buckles, mullets, girls flirting with boys from other schools…it all brings back such funny memories. the kids look more grown up, but i suppose we looked like that too (you know, through the eyes of old ladies like myself!) i no longer want to ride those dangerous, way-too-fast rides or play carnival games, but i do see the odd beauty in those things now. county fairs are a culture of their own- the animals, food, music, rides, games, people, style/costumes, demolition derby, etc. going to the county fair now is like visiting a place i used to know well and remember fondly. i can now look at it through older, wiser eyes  and yet still appreciate what the culture has to offer.

{notice i had a mustachioed husband to accompany me to the fair.}

{p.s. the mustache is now gone!}

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