to-do list.

on monday morning i made a massive “to-do this week” list. i love making list. love. it. however, as much as i love a list of tasks, i am a realistic to-do lister. realistic meaning- “there is no way in hell i will get all this stuff done today/this week/this month/this year.” but i list anyway. it feels good to have written proof of my intentions. and even better when i cross off even the smallest, teeny-tiniest items (clean bathroom mirror), completely obvious items (shower), everyday items (dishes/vacuum), and indulgent items (eat ice cream/read outside in hammock/take nap).

check,cross, check, cross, check and check. it just feels good.

i am also known to add to my list after i have done something not on my list! this makes complete sense to me- why not give myself credit? so what if i didn’t think of “organize tool bench in garage” on monday when i made the original list- i thought of it now! check. the problem with this tactic is that my to-do list becomes a mile long and eventually feels a little overwhelming. well, then i just make a new list, all fresh and clean, ready to be crossed and checked.

i have been busy these last two days checking things off my big list. (yeah, so none of them were on the list already, whatever). one of the items that has been on my to-do list for a long time (but for some reason didn’t make it in writing on this latest list) was: organize studio- AGAIN. this is constantly on my lists. but this time it was because i finally got that big expedit book case from ikea i have had my eye on for months. i just knew this piece of furniture would be the magic ticket to organizing my constantly messy studio. i have had piles of fabric sitting all around the studio on every possible surface forever, and i was ready for some order. i have also had an ultimate plan in mind to get this room together since april (see this old post creative space). i work better when i can see my materials, when everything is in order and when i have plenty of light and good music. so, this is why i spent the last several hours today adding things to my list like “sort through old files” and “purge un-needed craft supplies” and “rearrange furniture” and “re-organize studio” and “photograph new & improved studio” and “post photos of new & improved studio”. wow!  look at me, all go-get-em and list-checker-offer!

i know you are on the edge of your seat, just dying to see my even-better-than-before studio so here. it. is.

see how inspiring all that neatly folded fabric looks?

{p.s. that isn’t even half of my fabric collection…eeek!, AND }

prints by sally harless…still need to put everything else back on the walls

{damn, i just saw mike’s shirts hanging there, waiting for me to iron them for um, a month maybe. i hate ironing.}

i need to make curtains…put that on the list!

oh and the lovely frances simone loves her new feather hat (it was my grandmas!)

back to the list. next up- vacuum, dishes, paint (on the list)

-or- shower, read outside, knit (new additions just waiting in the wings)


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