little things.

i made a treasury on etsy this morning i wanted to share. i have been in the mood for “back to school time”. not so much school as the feeling of school. you know- cool mornings in new clothes (clothes that will make you sweat by the end of the day, because it is after all still august!), the thrill of seeing faces you recognize, learning something new, packed lunch, fresh notebooks begging for doodles,  fresh crisp fall air, schedules and full calendars, lists! …i could go on and on. i love the beginning of every season. the first few days of hot, hot, hot when i would give anything to sweat in the sun; the freshness and newness of spring- new bugs, new blooms, new birds, cleansing rain; the first breathtaking snow and ice storm that make me crave hot chocolate, fire places, cozy blankets and good thick books; and this feeling of starting the cycle over again, of cooling down and bundling up, of a different kind of new beginning, and of back to school in fall. this feels like the beginning, because for most of my life it was the beginning. summer ends and another year begins. so it goes.

enjoy the beginning of your year!

*image: 1888 antique map*


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