is it really september already?

why, yes it is, by golly.

at the beginning of every new month i hear myself say “is it really ____ already?” i find myself wondering about the previous month and trying to remember what happened to make it go by so quickly. a lot of this and that, is usually my answer because it is difficult to remember many specifics. i can remember the big things from august- mike had a vacation, we re-painted our doors and shutters, my little sister turned 24, baby nicholas turned 1 ( we missed both because of car trouble), mike started a new position at a new branch, we went to a friends wedding, got a new car, and i made fresh basil pesto and salsa. that was august in a nutshell. i want to remember all the little things too, though. like that thing we laughed about until we both had tears flowing down our faces (what was that?!). and those long, heartfelt conversations with my best friend (we must have uncovered some major, but previously hidden truth!) and what about those times i just watched the puppies play in the yard, or the smell of the night air, cool mornings half awake, a really great homemade meal…. i know that stuff was peppered into the previous month, i just can’t always conjure the specifics about the little things. but the feeling of this and that- well, that is easy to remember! and it’s not really important when it happened, but that it happened. the good stuff sticks, no matter how quickly time ticks by.


happy september, happy fall.

(funny, though, how it is hotter on the first day of september than it was last few weeks of august!)

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