baby, baby.

i apologize for my absence. i have been busy with best friends, babies and family. angela had little max 2 days ago after being 3 days overdue. on sunday night she told allison and i “it just seems like i’ll never have this baby!” well, max heard that loud and clear and decided monday (sept. 19) would be his birthday. unfortunately everyone had traveled home by the time he made his entrance. those of us who were able to stay (or come back) gushed enough love, took and sent enough photos to make the others feel like they were there too.

at first lola was a little unsure about this new baby taking the attention of her favorite people

                        snuggle time with mama, still eyeing baby max

                        now lola is ready to meet her new baby brother

everyone is doing well. they are now a family of 4, just like that! max is a perfect little thing and lola is excited to have a real live baby to cover, pat, feed (fake bottles) and hold (or try to!).

they all will be home soon and will begin the process of balancing this new little member in their family.

“baby, blankie.” lola has work to do with this baby- cover, pat, cover more, touch his eyes, cover again, pat, pat!

lots of love to angela, matt, lola and max!

p.s. angela, you totally rocked this pregnancy & birth. way to go dude!

p.p.s. and just because this is my blog:


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