animals everywhere.

opposite of far presents:

animal masks!

nathanial fox, lucas owl, and leah raccoon!

the little kiddos in the picture above are our nephews nathaniel and lucas and our niece, leah. we gifted leah with the masks for her big 1st birthday last weekend and mom, lori reports: “Aunt Jessica gave the kids her new handmade Animal Masks this past weekend. They are LOVING them!! So adorable, soft, and comfy – Leah won’t wear a headband, but she loves trying to put these on herself. These are a great addition to our dress up box – but they don’t stay in the box long! Leah is also loving on Sara, one of Jessica’s Near & Dear Dolls. Check out her entire etsy shop – plus Jessica has some pretty cute mask models :)” (posted on facebook)

thanks you gorgeous little ones for being the sweetest *opposite of far* fans around!

raccoon mask!

slip on this sweet little felt mask and suddenly you become a super cute & sneaky raccoon!

raccoon masks come in gray&black, gray&pink, or gray&purple combinations

owl mask!

slip on this sweet little owl felt mask and hoo-hoot until your heart’s content!

owl masks come in combinations of brown felt with added color to fit your personality!

(pink, purple, yellow, green, blue, or all brown).

fox mask!

slip on this sweet little felt mask and viola- a fox, you are!

fox masks come in either orange or red with white cheeks

these little felt masks are soft and comfy for babies, kiddos and even adults! they add extra fun to dress up and imaginary play any day of the year… and make for the perfect halloween costume too! you can place your order at Opposite of Far on Etsy!


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