in the air.

the dogs were in the backyard pacing and whining. i was curious about their strange behavior- these were not the excited whines associated with squirrel/bunny/cat sightings…these were worried whines. so i ventured out back to investigate. and i got a happy surprise: there were 2 hotair balloons being readied for take off right behind our house! there is something magical & dreamy about hot air balloons. i like them.


4 thoughts on “in the air.

  1. oh wow- these are some great shots! I think there’s just something so romantic about hot air balloons, but…I’m pretty sure I would never ride in one;)

    • I was just wondering if you hopped into one Jessica!

      Maybe what makes it dreamy and romantic is how slow it is… to blow it up, to float away. Nothing feels hurried. You don’t get that much in the world anymore.

      • Oh, and no…we didn’t hop in. I wanted to though! I have always fantasized about riding in a hot air balloon! I would want to do it in Napa Valley or Vermont…someplace breath-taking!

    • I agree….so romantic! except the blue balloon had like 8 people crammed into the basket! Mike and I were cracking up at the reluctant sounds the wicker was making during take-off! đŸ™‚

      But…still romantic!

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