busy me.

i am in the midst of making, processing, and sending almost 30 mask orders!

i. am. very. busy.

but all this business is making me feel very accomplished and so very happy. but also quite frazzled and a little out of touch. today i was running around like someone had pushed the fast-forward button. then i took a break to play with little lola, and i began to breathe again. i laughed and put my feet in her sandbox, slowly walked through the leaves, read books about babies, sang songs about doggies and soaked up all her sweetness! kids are oh so good for reminding us to slow down and enjoy the little moments. listening to the way she currently says “bottle” (like she’s french) and laughs real, hard belly laughs at silly games we make up just re-fuels me… and it makes me stop and breath it all in right now- because in a few days she will say “bottle” differently and she will laugh at different games. so, for a few hours today i left my crazy busy house, i put the internet away and just played with my little friend.

there will be more of that- taking breaks to play. i need to remember that balance i speak so highly of!



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