’round here.

as you may know, i have been a super busy girl lately- cutting, sewing, packaging, and sending up a storm! i am still reeling because it all happened so fast- last friday night i decided it was time to post the masks…and by the end of the weekend i had more orders than i knew what to do with! i have found my rhythm, my balance, and my happiness in success this week, though it has been a challenge-  and i still find & collect stress here and there like it’s my JOB, but that ugly bugger will never leave me alone, i just have to deal!

half- HALF of today’s shipment:

frankie is impressed

so impressed, she could eat the tablecloth!

do you see my new banner up there? well, my very talented friend callie designed that for me! she also designed my new business cards (which i should have by the end of the month), my new etsy banner, my new link button, and my facebook photo! i LOVE the work callie has done for me! if you are interested in contacting callie to design a unique logo, business card, or other goodies for your business e-mail her at: schlemmermediadesigns@gmail.com

thank you callie!

i took another lola break on saturday. actually i took most of the day off to catch up on stuff around the house- boring stuff like laundry, dishes, tidying up…and not so boring stuff like baking, cooking, cleaning up the yard, and planting garlic! the lola part was the best though! mike and i took her out to dinner and had a blast! we sure feel lucky to be “auntie” and “uncle” to that little lady!

highlights of our evening with lola:

lola singing a “money song” after dinner, lola seeing herself in the mirror with the owl mask on, and lola insisting on trying the salsa “mone”, and “mone” and “mone” even though she  was burning her little mouth!

(the money song goes like this (so you can sing along): “money, money, mo, mo, mo, ma, ma, money, money, ma, ma, mo!” <repeat>

saturday night mike and i had a mini-date in our backyard. we had a fire in our new-to-us chiminea. (thanks gretchen & ken!) we love having fires- we find it so relaxing. it makes us slow down. we chat and we also sit in perfectly comfortable silence. it feels so nice to be close, snuggling by the fire and just together-without distraction.

mike loves playing in the fire! he kept adding dry leaves to get this effect!

yesterday i worked my butt off! i have some pretty cool orders to send out today- 8 of my fox masks will soon be seen around…LONDON! and another little fox will be found in ALASKA in a few days! i have also sent masks to: california, south carolina, west virginia, indiana!, boston, new york, connecticut, georgia, texas, pennsylvania, alabama, north carolina, chicago, ohio, oklahoma, oregon, and tennessee!

i love the thought of my masks bringing smiles to peoples faces all over the country (and in europe too!) they have been ordered by entire families so they can all be foxes for halloween! so cute! i hope i get some photos!

so…this morning i am taking it slow to catch up a little here and remember the importance of simple things like- breathing, eating, sipping tea, and enjoying a moment. i have a LOT of work to do today, so i need to fuel up so i can get through it all without knocking myself out. tomorrow allison comes to town again (we are SO lucky!) and i want to be able to enjoy her time here!

my delicious breakfast: hot tea in my favorite mug, red grapes, and my homemade pumpkin turnover!

okay…back to the grind! at least my days are filled with doing what i love! stay tuned for stuffed fox dolls- my new addition to the *opposite of far* family! (i was planning him in my head this morning while waiting for mike to wake up! he’s gonna be GREAT!)

see all those masks? (20, to be exact) they will ALL be sewn, trimmed, and shipped out TODAY! yikes…better get to work!


5 thoughts on “’round here.

  1. Ooo, can’t wait to see the fox doll! Good luck with all of your orders! I’m going to come find you at the Bloomington show, I think Virginia needs one of your masks 🙂

  2. That’s crazy that they took off that fast! Though…to be honest…there’s a couple others on Etsy selling felt masks and yours are by far the cutest.

    Also, here’s one idea for getting pictures. In my new cross-stitch kits, I included a note that says, take a picture of your completed project and receive a free PDF pattern. I’ve already gotten 4 pictures back of completed projects. You could always include a little note with the masks that says you’ll get some sort of coupon code for sending in pictures.

    • Sarah- Thanks so much for the tip! I have been writing little thank you notes and ask people to send pics…but I think a coupon would definitely help motivate! 🙂 Thanks for reading too! 🙂

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