the tops.

not sure if you noticed but i added a new page titled “top 5” where i will occasionally add lists of top 5 favorites.

if you have any top 5’s you are dying for me to share, please leave a comment here and i will get right on it!


here’s what i have so far:


  1. walking through leaves barefoot cause it’s still 70 degrees in november!
  2. stews, soups, applesauce and crockpot meals that cook all day long
  3.  hot beverages finally make sense!
  4. cozy socks and favorite sweatshirts become uniform
  5. breaking out the cute fall shoes, ponchos, rain boots and other fall-ish apparel


  1. Anthropologie catalog…does that count?
  2. Better Homes & Gardens
  3. More
  4. Martha Stewart Living & MS Wedding
  5. O Magazine

Foods (and drinks, ’cause I love me some hot beverages)

1. Starbucks Chai- grande, no water, soy, chai- All. Day. Long!
2. Hot chocolate- with milk and marshmallows, preferably
3. Homemade potpie. Yum.
4. Dessert- pies, cakes, ice cream, chocolate pudding, cookies….anything.
5. Garden/farm fresh fruits & veggies

Blogs I read every single day

1. Enjoying The Small Things
2. Bleubird
3. Dig This Chick
4.  A Beautiful Mess
5.  Design Sponge


(right this minute…it changes- september 2011)
1. Beck
2. Bon Iver
3. Adele
4. Mumford & Sons
5. Avett Brothers

Dates- Husband

1. Fun activity/outing sandwiched by a long drive with lots of loud car-singing (activities: apple picking, pumpkin patch, Big Cat Preserve, festival/street fair, etc.; loud car-singing: Journey, Tom Petty, Adele, Counting Crows, etc)
2. Hike, walk, meander, frolic- hand-in-hand
3. Bonfire- with S’mores!

4. movie at the cinema
5. Dinner, including drinks and dessert

Dates- Mom, Sis, BFF

  1. shopping- Antique Mall, Flea Market, Garage Sale, Target, Outlet Malls
  2. long drives accompanied by singing beyonce, christina aguilera, adele, etc…
  3. chai date
  4. loooooooooong leisurely walks with no destination in mind
  5. crafting

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