thankful weekend.

happy {belated} thanksgiving!

i am thankful, grateful for my ridiculously awesome husband, family, friends- old and new, being *mostly* pain free, my sweet pets, beautiful weather (and rainy weather too!), successful business, finding community, feeling content and happy…and so, so much more!


we had a very relaxing turkey day. like, really, really relaxing. the most taxing thing we had to do was drive to cracker barrel to have dinner! my mom came to bloomington (on her harley!), we sat around, had some yummy dinner (without all the cooking!), watched the last 2 harry potter movies, then went to bed! ah…glorious!

harley mama…bundled up cause it’s cold when you ride in november!

turkey day sky

see…ridiculous how awesome this guy is!

snuggled up


every year on the day after thanksgiving the square in bloomington is illuminated at 7:30 pm. it is joyous, it is bright, it is community!


the harding family

little izzy

pretty downtown window

the lights!

ang & max

us again!



2011 holiday market! (i won’t repeat those photos!)

and…i had the pleasure of photographing my elizabeth’s family at her brother’s house!

long driveway

izzy…can you believe those eyes?!

holiday spirit abounds!

{elizabeth’s family photo’s to come!}


i spent a few hours at paper crane

the rainy & cold weather was a welcome reminder that it is almost december!

i remember when holidays made me feel so sad. i couldn’t be with my family and it broke my heart. i feel SO far away from those feelings now. not only am i closer to “home” (meaning where my mama lives!), but i feel at home where i am! (home is where the heart ishome is wherever you are… and all that!)

if i can’t be with extended family, i still have family right here, in my cozy home with mike and our pets and with my wonderful friends!

*i would love to hear what you did this holiday weekend too! i hope it was a good one!*

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