yesterday was a special day. my little sister tried on her first wedding dresses! we went to a lovely little shop in bloomington- quite hidden, but we found it- suzanne’s bridal. it was spacious, but not overwhelming, we were the only people in the shop, and suzanne herself helped us! the first dress made leslie beam! she loved it, and it fit her perfectly, but it was missing the bling. and leslie is a bling girl! after that she tried on a couple more dresses that were good, but not great. then. then. THE DRESS! as soon as i got it on her & she turned toward the mirror while i zipped…she knew! she stayed in the dress for about 30 minutes and even tried a veil, a tiara (i told you she’s all about bling!) and i think she almost cried. i took tons of pictures, of course, but i will only share a few here, so as not to give away the surprise. (oh, and she didn’t buy it, yet…but she really thinks it might be it!)

as i was helping leslie yesterday, i felt completely content. the thought occurred to me “i was born to do this” (be a sister, i mean). leslie and i have had our ups and downs and only recently are we up after a long down. and i knew i missed her…but i it was more than that. not being in her life meant that part of my identity was missing. i was laid off from one of my most important “life” jobs. yesterday i was able to jump back into big sister mode with both feet. it felt great. i am looking forward to more and more wedding planning, bonding, and sistering!