days 28-31: wrap up.

light: from the car window, through the trees

clean, and empty

nature from inside because my back is keeping on the couch lately…

so long’s been weird.

your farewell day consists of warm temps and lots of wind. i’ll take it, but it’s just weird.

(more on that in the next post)

thanks for stopping by to keep up with my daily photo’s! i will be participating in the february photo-a-day challenge too!

{big thanks to fat mum slim for starting both january & february photo-a-day’s for us all to enjoy! i have really LOVED doing this!}

wanna join me? leave your link, instagram name, or both in the comments so i can follow along!

organizing & inspiring.

i love lists. not only because it is insanely satisfying to cross things off those lists. not only because it is the most productive way to procrastinate. (which i am very good at, by the way) but also because it helps me stay on task. i need to stay organized in order to be productive. i have little notebooks full of sketches, ideas, tasks, stories, observations, memories and more! i keep every single notebook and occasionally go back through to re-visit my lists and drawings. and a new year calls for a new notebook to fill!

my new little notebook is perfect- it includes special pages for monthly calendars, checklists, notes, daily to-do’s, contacts and even blank pages for sketching! i have decided to use it as my blog and business notebook. so far i have been keeping a daily list of what to blog, writing ideas for later blog posts, sketching new mask & doll accessory ideas, keeping a business checklist, and so on. it also the perfect size to carry in my purse so i always have a place to put my ideas when i get inspired.

this pretty little book was a gift from the famous bff- allison (from anthropologie)

{also found here}

i also keep other notebooks- larger ones that keep other types of inspiration- decorating, outfit ideas, photography inspiration and ideas, pattern sketches, long-term planning, etc. luckily i was gifted a nice big notebook for christmas (thank you gretchen!) because i just recently used the last page of my previous book!

i was also given a really fun & creative blank book called 642 things to draw. it is full of prompts such as: a cranky old man, pie a la mode, toes… this book will be perfect for those days when i feel stumped. when i need to be inspired but also feel a little lost. i can pick it up, open to a random page and get creative! (thanks leslie & bo!)

with sugar on top.

the new prince & princess fox masks  by opposite of far are prefect for birthday girls & boys, valentines day, weddings, fun photo shoots, and even play time at home! but any animal in the forest can wear a crown…contact me to place a special order for any of my animal masks wearing a little crown. if silver doesn’t suit your crown needs, request another color! the key with these masks is to feel extra special!

the prince of foxes

princess fox

*oh, and the masks + crowns come in adult sizes too!*


you may have noticed that i have a new obsession….instagram! many of my recent photos are from instagram on my itouch. i just can’t get enough of this new addictive toy! i love it because it takes me back a little to using film because it is intentional. when i get out my “big” camera, i end up with at least 100 shots each time- minimum of 100 shots no matter what i am shooting (that’s insane!) with my little itouch, i typically take one shot of something extra special. it’s like a little scrapbook of my here and now, a little collection of every day life, special moments and memories. most times, these are things i would have never captured, because i don’t carry my big camera everywhere and if i do have it, i don’t take the time to stop, set up the shot, etc… instagram gives me just what i want- in the moment, when the mood strikes me, when beauty presents itself, a quick share, a snapshot.

it’s really fun to share my moments, but it’s also really fun to see and share what other people find special. i know not everyone has access to the instagram app, but i recently discovered that you can follow along and view photo streams online! gramfeed is super fun…you could get lost for hours…(sorry!). you can visit opposite of far on gramfeed too! i would love for you to follow me there! i don’t always share all my instagram shots here, and plus…you can’t really get too much of me can you?!

**i also just learned that instagram also has a site where you can follow…no need to go to other sites. so, check me out on  INK361 too!!**

days 20, 21 & 22

i’m slacking.. 3 days in one.

someone i love…well, isn’t it obvious?

{new favorite sweatshirt by kin ship press}

frankie reflects on the meaning of her nine lives…

{i completely overlooked the obvious interpretation of “reflection”…as in a reflection in a mirror… but, you know, i’m deep so….}

my shoes…or, slippers because that’s all i wear these days!