new year, new space.

i have been itching to rearrange, organize, clean, purge, decorate and re-invent our home.  and the new year is the perfect time for me to take a minute (or a few days) to create some new beautiful and creative spaces around here. i will be sharing all of my large and mini projects with you here, because it’s fun, i’m proud, and it keeps me motivated! i hope you enjoy my projects and maybe even draw some inspiration from me too!

first up is my instagram project. i have all these little square photos that i love looking at, but wasn’t sure how to display them. i have poked around the internet and found some really great ideas, but none that really fit with my resources, style or home. so i made my own!

here’s the situation: we have  a bight little laundry room that is desperately in need of some pretties. i have tried hanging this or that, but so far nothing has felt quite right. our electrical box is also in this room, making for a large unsightly white box on the only real wall space available in the room. this is what it looks like:

see, i have tried to pretty it up with cute little hooks and a nice little curtain on the door…but still, it stares at me!

so, i put the need to cover up that ugly box and my desire to stare at my instgram photos all the time and came up with a very simple solution: i used an empty frame that was sitting in our garage, printed out all the little pics i wanted to include in the collection, cut those little pics, arranged them and viola!

it’s not perfect, but i love it!

please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail so i can see what you do with your photos & instagrams!

check out a beautiful mess for more inspiration for displaying your little photos


3 thoughts on “new year, new space.

  1. it looks GREAT! I once had a Polaroid wall (in my single years) that took up quite literally an entire wall of my apt – I took Polaroids and nothing but Polaroids for an entire year but didn’t quite know how to ‘scrapbook’ them or what have you – so, I took this GIANT piece of foam core leftover from my Kinko’s days and affixed pieces of velcro in a grid so that I could move photos around as I saw fit. I was sad to see it go but the years got to it and now it hangs quite dilapidatedly (is that a word?) in my garage darkroom where no one can see it. Very similar project though, with the square pictures and all – but I can’t use Instagram ;(

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