photo a day.

i recently joined instagram and LOVE it! if you are on instagram please come find me (opposite of far, of course!) i have noticed in the last few days that many of the people i follow are taking part in a group photo a day challenge this month! i tracked it down and found the source at fat mum slim.i’m so excited to join in! i hope you enjoy my photos, and you should join in too if you feel so inclined!

so, here we go! since we are now 5 days into january, i will post days 1-5 now, then post the rest day by day!

c’est moi

tea in my favorite mug

mike, milo, bruce & frankie (not pictured, but adored nontheless)

from the tiny little post office in cleves, ohio

captain husband’s flannel, skinny jeans &  moccasin slippers

this is fun! 🙂


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