building a great 2012.

i do not like resolutions. they are a set up. a conspiracy. they disappoint and ruin self worth. they allow me to make excuses and justify when i could be laughing, creating, enjoying. i decided several years ago to nix the resolution come new years eve. instead i like to inspire myself, challenge, even. this is different from a resolution because i’m not promising anything to myself…i’m not setting a concrete outcome that i can’t or won’t meet. that’s no way to start a new year!! not for this girl anyway.

last year my bff {hi allison!} participated in a lovely tradition with friends: they lit candles inside of  paper lanterns and let them fly into the new year full of whispered wishes, resolutions, goals, dreams, etc. every person has their own idea about what the new year could bring and how they hope to find it. allison shared with me that she whispered “back to basics” into her lantern. she had her own personal ideas about what this meant for her. to me it meant something else altogether. i was forced to slow down (correction: STOP) last year around this time. i had been laid up with back trouble and was looking miserably at another surgery come march. i was absolutely devastated with my current situation. everything i wanted and tried to do hurt me. everything i had planned was dashed. i was left with laying on the couch all day, everyday. this may sound glorious, but it is only glorious when you have been working hard and as a reward you get to spend a lazy day on the couch. anyway, for me back to basics was a way for me to organize my thoughts, feelings, hopes, goals, wants, plans, etc. i focused on “when i’m better”. those days were long and torturous, but i did so much sketching and dreaming too! that time was when opposite of far really came to life! i started this blog and shared my plans. little dolls came to life on my sketch book pages, i opened my etsy shop, applied for a show in june (my first with opposite of far, i was willing myself to be “better” by then), and i started making plans to get more involved in my local art community. for me back to basics was just the mantra i needed to not only get me through the dark days of being stuck inside, but it helped me look forward, reach out and develop what i really wanted! and looking back…i found it! i did it! i am happy, healthy, successful, and fulfilled!

so that brings me to 2012~ what is my mantra this year? allison and i have discussed a few options.

allison came across this one:

hello 2012 calendar by blush face

and i found this one:

believe – wall art by seed and sprout

then i checked my e-mail and allison had written about the book she is currently reading the elegance of the hedgehog. allison wrote:  “…and there was a part where the little girl starts thinking… (in so many words and butchered by me) that its so easy to tear something down. So easy to quickly forget or move past or not see good in something. Or maybe just to crash through life or something. But its much harder to build. But building is where all the beauty is, where all the good things about humanity come from. So the girl decides to make an effort to build.” {now i need to read this book too!}

i love that.

building is where all the beauty is, where all the good things about humanity come from”

so in 2012 i will focus on building. focus on enjoying the building, not the finished product. process over product (that is the mantra of every quality preschool teacher i have ever known…maybe we should all look back to childhood!) i think the believe wall art really fits with this sentiment too, so i will be incorporating both into my new year! what are your resolutions, considerations, mantras, plans, goals, etc for 2012?? please share!

and for some musical inspiration, please enjoy this video!


my aunt ann shared with me her daily mantra recently. she finds her mantra brings her daily unexpected gifts- she believes “putting it out there, in the universe” and really, truly believing is quite powerful!


{another great message i saw today on instagram via hulaseventy‘s pic of a gorgeous piece of graffiti: trust your struggle

if you are on instagram check out her pic}

this pic found here…hmm…apparently this phrase is popular among the prison crowd. well, still a good message, no?!


3 thoughts on “building a great 2012.

  1. So…. the next few chapter in The Elegance of the Hedgehog are all about grammar; not just the importance of grammar, but its inherent beauty. So after reading back what I wrote to you earlier, I feel that I must correct my own bad grammar!

    “building is where all the beauty is, where all the good things about humanity COME (no s) from”
    And if we really want to get picky here and not end our sentences in prepositions, maybe I should have said:
    “Building is where all our beauty lies. It is the source from which all the good things about humanity come.”

    Hmmm…. that still doesn’t sound right. But whatever. My mantra for 2012 is just gonna be “Build Something”.

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