jewelry display.

over the past few years living in this house i have toyed with several different display ideas for my jewelry. i have used a frame with screen, trays, bowls, nothing, and then antlers…my best idea yet! i love the way they look and the way they hold my necklaces. i have been using a larger set of antlers for about 2 years now then my mom recently gave me a second, smaller set of antlers. the new antlers don’t hold necklaces, but i hung them anyway…and love the way they turned out!

i have had the same dresser set up for a long time, so i changed it up a bit

little horsey keeps an eye on my favorite rings

i bought this beautiful jewelry box for $5 about 10 years ago…it has spent just as much time in storage as on my dresser holding my jewels!

i used to keep my change in large glass jar…then it shattered. yikes. until this week, we used an over-sized guinness can bank to hold our change. yikes again! then i stumbled upon this sugar canister for $3.50 and i knew that was our solution- cute, unbreakable & practical! it’s our sugar jar…how cute is that?! ๐Ÿ™‚

when we get the large (non-working) television & short dresser moved out and move in the tall dresser, i’ll give you the official tour of the whole room!


2 thoughts on “jewelry display.

  1. while I’m generally appalled by antlers (I grew up with hunters for uncles and the annual hunting season and pictures that followed always grossed me out) there are quite beautiful holding your jewels. I’ll pretend that the animal died of natural causes and these were found in the peaceful wood under a pile of leaves where fairies used to play;) I can live with that;)

    • so, the first set of antlers (the bigger ones) i bought at the bloomington antique mall when i first moved here. the second (smaller, from my mom) were found in her woods. she thought they were “shed” or something…do deer shed their antlers? hmmm….anyway, i just love the simplicity and the clean, soft lines of antlers. there is power in those antlers…and surely fairies were involved in some way, talia! ๐Ÿ™‚

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