keeping track.

it’s still early in january and i’m not quite organized yet. well, not as much as i’d like to be anyway.

i am still on the lookout for a calendar for our kitchen! i have an awesome antique railroad clip board (from mom) that is perfect for hanging a calendar. last year i printed a simple word doc calendar there but i was hoping for something more fun & colorful this year.

isn’t this a lovely little wall? it deserves better than a plain ol’ boring calendar!


i have been looking around on etsy to find just the right one…the problem is i like so many! which one is your favorite?

loopzart – printable calendar

eight bear – animal wall calendar

1canoe2 – letterpress desk calendar

corelladesign – calendar

leahduncan – wall calendar

gingiber – little foxes calendar (she also has an owl calendar!)

paper sparrow – animal band calendar

so, is it weird that (almost) all the calendars i like have animals on them? 🙂

my studio calendar for the 3rd year is a beautiful collection by sally harless:sadly harmless – wall calendar

we also have a csx calendar from my mom- she has a photo featured on the month of march!

but we still need a cute one for the kitchen….which one? or should i just print a simple word doc calendar again this year?


3 thoughts on “keeping track.

  1. While some of these are AMAZING and theres others on etsy that I’m thinking about for myself… I think you should
    1. Make your own calendar with your amazing photographs using Adobe InDesign
    2. Start selling that calendar on YOUR etsy page.


  2. 3 4 6
    Oh that is a good wall. I really love that color. My picks are 3, 4 and 6…in no particular order : ) if you have some time I like Allison’s suggestion, you would make something amazing!

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