day 13- in my bag.

in my bag you will find:

1. my bag!

2. wallet full of the usual stuff

3. favorite sunglasses & holder- an old sale find from anthropologie

4. business cards in my special card holder from allison

5. cell phone and itouch

6. uh, skipped that number apparently!

7. little mirror (also an old sale find from anthropologie)

8. my little notebook/planner for blogging and opposite of far ideas

9. little pouch that holds tylenol, chapstick, bandids, hair ties- you know, important stuff!

(oh, and my favorite lavender hand lotion from l’occitane!)

10. pens & one pencil

11. coupons for joanne fabrics

12. re-useable bag in its pouch, gum, and a penny

*if i was still using one of my HUGE bags, this list would by 5x longer!


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