you may have noticed that i have a new obsession….instagram! many of my recent photos are from instagram on my itouch. i just can’t get enough of this new addictive toy! i love it because it takes me back a little to using film because it is intentional. when i get out my “big” camera, i end up with at least 100 shots each time- minimum of 100 shots no matter what i am shooting (that’s insane!) with my little itouch, i typically take one shot of something extra special. it’s like a little scrapbook of my here and now, a little collection of every day life, special moments and memories. most times, these are things i would have never captured, because i don’t carry my big camera everywhere and if i do have it, i don’t take the time to stop, set up the shot, etc… instagram gives me just what i want- in the moment, when the mood strikes me, when beauty presents itself, a quick share, a snapshot.

it’s really fun to share my moments, but it’s also really fun to see and share what other people find special. i know not everyone has access to the instagram app, but i recently discovered that you can follow along and view photo streams online! gramfeed is super fun…you could get lost for hours…(sorry!). you can visit opposite of far on gramfeed too! i would love for you to follow me there! i don’t always share all my instagram shots here, and plus…you can’t really get too much of me can you?!

**i also just learned that instagram also has a site where you can follow…no need to go to other sites. so, check me out on  INK361 too!!**


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