days16-25. (whew!)

masks on a stick! they are SO fun! you can order these babies here!

time all around our house

this drink is called “the painkiller”. yeah, it worked!

i hate falling asleep on the couch then having to get up, brush my teeth and go to bed, i’d just rather stay asleep…

my handwriting changes over time…does yours?

…and favorite man, favorite day, favorite dress, favorite people, favorite place…

i feel so happy every single time i sit here to work!

my favorite shoes

little love note inside the cabinet

green polka dotted vintage shirt under my sweater today!

only 4 days of february left. can you even believe it?

as seen on tv.

nah, not really. just on other blogs. but that’s really cool too !

check it:

inspiracion hecha a mano blog featured opposite of far masks along with other fun masks!

ma deco comme les grands blog featured opposite of far fox masks along with other little fox etsy finds

oh mon baby blog featured opposite of far fox masks too!

how cool is that?

those are just a few…if you find me on a blog, post about me, or otherwise know of any other opposite of far love out there, please let me know! it really makes my day! 🙂

yum. yum. yum.

i don’t usually share recipes here, but i am so excited about this latest epicurean delight!

vanilla coconut rice pudding

i didn’t even know i liked rice pudding until a few years ago while in nyc with friends. we enjoyed rice pudding of all flavors at a little place called rice to riches.  lately i have been thinking a lot about rice pudding and started craving it for breakfast. it sounded all warm & cozy but better than oatmeal, so i decided to try a recipe. and man-oh-man, was it delicious!

this recipe is very simple, here’s what you’ll need:

3 cups milk

(whole, or reduced fat- it doesn’t seem to matter)

1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk

(i actually used the whole can)

1 1/2 cups arborio rice (risotto rice)

it calls for cooked rice, but i did not cook my rice before hand

1/3 cup sugar

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

sweetened coconut, toasted

(i used tons of coconut, you can use as much as you like..or skip it!)

Simmer rice, milk, coconut milk, sugar, and salt, uncovered, in a 2 1/2- to 3-quart heavy saucepan over moderate heat, stirring frequently, until thickened, about 40 minutes. Stir in vanilla. Stir in coconut. Serve warm.

original recipe here

mix milk & rice, place on medium heat, and stir constantly until thick

(i recommend using a bigger pot than this one)

place coconut on a baking sheet, bake at 250 until browned, add to the rice along with vanilla extract

serve warm, or cold- whatever you prefer.

i love it warm.

if you feel like it gets too thick in the fridge, add a little milk when you heat it up so it is more pudding like.

it is so yum! i have been enjoying it every morning this week. i hope you like it too!



i recently received new pictures from some very special friends of mine. maren is german and celebrates fasching (or carnival)  with her husband, jonathan and sweet little boy, malte – even here in bloomington! this year they dressed as a fox family for their fasching celebration! malte makes one adorable fox, if i do say so myself!

find a fox mask for your little here!

and a fox mask for yourself here!

face lift.

when i started opposite of far (a year ago!) i primarily made dolls and plush animals. felt masks were nowhere in my sights. that is until early fall, when i thought my dolls could use some masks for the upcoming festivities. so i made doll masks- tons of them. then it occurred to me that i could easily make masks for kiddos too- so they could match their little doll. so i made 3 styles for kids- a fox, an owl and a raccoon. only a couple of each, just to test them. mike and i were headed out of town for the weekend (sometime in september) and i decided i would post the 3 masks styles i had just finished before we left. i hurriedly took pictures & posted them on etsy on friday night. and holy moly! by sunday i had around 20 sales! it was on! the masks were a huge hit! then a funny thing happened- i had people requesting adult sizes in the masks (who knew?!) oh, and the doll masks? well, they still sit in the closet, unfinished because the kids & adult sizes took the spotlight!

in october i actually had to turn away sales because it was getting close to halloween and i had more masks to make than i had time! (don’t worry, this year i will be more prepared!) i thought the masks would be seasonal, that maybe they would only be popular around halloween. boy, was i wrong! opposite of far has officially become focused on making masks! i still love making dolls, and do take custom orders often, but the masks are definitely my mainstay.*note- if you are interested in a custom doll, by all means, contact me! i love making my dolls!*

if you follow me, you will have noticed that this winter i added several new mask styles! i also added crowns on a couple masks! and still to come this year: tails! i took many custom tail orders last october (you can see some tails & a set of owl wings on the customer mask photos page) i plan to make them a regular in my shop soon! and have you seen the masks on sticks? also new to the shop, and SO great for parties, weddings, photo booths & just being silly! you can find all the masks your little heart desires in my shop!

with that little bit of background, you will understand why opposite of far needed a face lift! my *beautiful* logo/cards/signs created by the lovely team schlemmer  are no longer relevant (sad), as my new focus is masks. so, i created my “new look” myself. it’s simple, but i like it…what do you think? it is all very exciting! opposite of far is growing! my business is going places i didn’t imagine and i couldn’t be happier! i have so many new & exciting things happening this spring that i can’t wait to share with you….soon!

until i can share the exciting happenings, here the places you can check out my new look:

opposite of far on etsy!
“like” opposite of far on facebook!

and click through the pages on the right side of the page to see new pictures of people in masks & the latest custom dolls!

also, coming soon- i will tell you all the fun art fairs & shows where you will find opposite of far this spring & summer!

stay tuned……




light & shadow kitty.

i don’t talk about frankie as often as the dogs- she just isn’t in my face like they are. she’s moody and likes to be alone most of the time. lately, though, she has been putting herself in front of my camera and begging for more and more attention. i’ve been taking advantage of this mood swing, snapping shots of her and giving her all the pets she wants!

on this particular sunday, she was lazing in the sunniest spots in the house- she was so completely content!


here goes, i am catching up with my february photo a day challenge!

you have seen day 1, but just to start fresh i needed to start here!

chalkboard in our kitchen

my hands making masks

at starbucks, naturally

lazy sunday morning breakfast

oops, i ate it!

my favorite button- on my studio inspiration board

no sun, so i made my own!

and yes, today is day 9, but you will get that pic later because we are doing a little sprucing first!

remember you can play along too! check out the list here or here! and if you are playing along, leave a link and/or your instagram name so i can follow along with you!

not my fault.

sorry i have been away…

i blame my absence on january. or more specifically, the new year. remember when i told you how i feel about resolutions? well, this is exactly why i dislike them. i didn’t write down or vocalize any type of resolution having to do with blogging, however, jarnuary got me all hyped up. it’s hard not to catch the go-get’em spirit the new year brings. (and don’t get me wrong, it’s all nice & good!) i felt it full-on this year. i was inspired, ready, willing, excited, and motivated. but it’s winter and it’s cold and it’s grey. i can only appreciate so much greyness. it’s this whole “new year, new beginnings” mumbo-jumbo! why can’t i feel all “new beginnings, yay!” in say, may or june when it’s gorgeous outside and i feel inspired for the next 4-5 months straight? instead we have this boost of “yes i can” in january but without the momentum of spring and regrowth and green and sunshine.

poor blog, poor readers. i was writing 2 posts a day all through january with more ideas pouring into my notebook daily. then february hits and BAM- my poor little blog fell right on her pretty face. to keep me motivated, i “joined” in on 2 photo-a-day challenges! TWO!  i have left-over posts from january, and i even have new items in my shop to share- but no blogging mojo to speak of. so, here i sit in my corner of the couch on a gloomy wednesday afternoon trying to put an end to this hiatus! i have a lot of catching up to do and i won’t let you down!

i promise i will be back soon with 2 posts full of photo-a-day challenge pics (i post for each challenge) from the last 8 (yes, 8!) days!