another day 1: line.

i just heard about another february photo challenge and said, hey, why not?! this one is called Feb Photo Skill by

this is what the site says:

“Practice your composition and photography skills everyday and stop posting photos of your cat. Or your coffee. Or your dinner. Well, if you’re going to post one, at least use your killer new artsy skills”

…cat (check), coffee (check), dinner (check)…darn it- guilty as charged!

so, i accept this new challenge to be creative and mindful when using instagram…once a day, anyway!

check out the website if you are interested

so far the pics posted on this site look really professional, like not taken with an iphone/itouch. but i’m not going to let that intimidate me

….too much.

damn, here’s the pic i was going to post before i read that statement above….

it’s my cat…but still artsy, no?

okay, instead i nixed the cat and came up with this:

for tomorrow: shadow


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