not my fault.

sorry i have been away…

i blame my absence on january. or more specifically, the new year. remember when i told you how i feel about resolutions? well, this is exactly why i dislike them. i didn’t write down or vocalize any type of resolution having to do with blogging, however, jarnuary got me all hyped up. it’s hard not to catch the go-get’em spirit the new year brings. (and don’t get me wrong, it’s all nice & good!) i felt it full-on this year. i was inspired, ready, willing, excited, and motivated. but it’s winter and it’s cold and it’s grey. i can only appreciate so much greyness. it’s this whole “new year, new beginnings” mumbo-jumbo! why can’t i feel all “new beginnings, yay!” in say, may or june when it’s gorgeous outside and i feel inspired for the next 4-5 months straight? instead we have this boost of “yes i can” in january but without the momentum of spring and regrowth and green and sunshine.

poor blog, poor readers. i was writing 2 posts a day all through january with more ideas pouring into my notebook daily. then february hits and BAM- my poor little blog fell right on her pretty face. to keep me motivated, i “joined” in on 2 photo-a-day challenges! TWO!  i have left-over posts from january, and i even have new items in my shop to share- but no blogging mojo to speak of. so, here i sit in my corner of the couch on a gloomy wednesday afternoon trying to put an end to this hiatus! i have a lot of catching up to do and i won’t let you down!

i promise i will be back soon with 2 posts full of photo-a-day challenge pics (i post for each challenge) from the last 8 (yes, 8!) days!


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