face lift.

when i started opposite of far (a year ago!) i primarily made dolls and plush animals. felt masks were nowhere in my sights. that is until early fall, when i thought my dolls could use some masks for the upcoming festivities. so i made doll masks- tons of them. then it occurred to me that i could easily make masks for kiddos too- so they could match their little doll. so i made 3 styles for kids- a fox, an owl and a raccoon. only a couple of each, just to test them. mike and i were headed out of town for the weekend (sometime in september) and i decided i would post the 3 masks styles i had just finished before we left. i hurriedly took pictures & posted them on etsy on friday night. and holy moly! by sunday i had around 20 sales! it was on! the masks were a huge hit! then a funny thing happened- i had people requesting adult sizes in the masks (who knew?!) oh, and the doll masks? well, they still sit in the closet, unfinished because the kids & adult sizes took the spotlight!

in october i actually had to turn away sales because it was getting close to halloween and i had more masks to make than i had time! (don’t worry, this year i will be more prepared!) i thought the masks would be seasonal, that maybe they would only be popular around halloween. boy, was i wrong! opposite of far has officially become focused on making masks! i still love making dolls, and do take custom orders often, but the masks are definitely my mainstay.*note- if you are interested in a custom doll, by all means, contact me! i love making my dolls!*

if you follow me, you will have noticed that this winter i added several new mask styles! i also added crowns on a couple masks! and still to come this year: tails! i took many custom tail orders last october (you can see some tails & a set of owl wings on the customer mask photos page) i plan to make them a regular in my shop soon! and have you seen the masks on sticks? also new to the shop, and SO great for parties, weddings, photo booths & just being silly! you can find all the masks your little heart desires in my shop!

with that little bit of background, you will understand why opposite of far needed a face lift! my *beautiful* logo/cards/signs created by the lovely team schlemmer  are no longer relevant (sad), as my new focus is masks. so, i created my “new look” myself. it’s simple, but i like it…what do you think? it is all very exciting! opposite of far is growing! my business is going places i didn’t imagine and i couldn’t be happier! i have so many new & exciting things happening this spring that i can’t wait to share with you….soon!

until i can share the exciting happenings, here the places you can check out my new look:

opposite of far on etsy!
“like” opposite of far on facebook!

and click through the pages on the right side of the page to see new pictures of people in masks & the latest custom dolls!

also, coming soon- i will tell you all the fun art fairs & shows where you will find opposite of far this spring & summer!

stay tuned……




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