days 26-29 + march!

…and now for the last 4 days of  february!

views on or nighttime back porch- milo on the lookout & our kitchen window

generic doritos- guilty.

just a buck

this is what i listened to ALL DAY (12 hours) yesterday while i worked


and now another month begins!






1 year anniversary of #2 back surgery!



warm sun.

cool breezes.

putting away winter coats. (but still sorta needing them)

getting out the sandals. (but not wearing them for another 2 months)

did i mention SPRING?

and my BIRTHDAY!

(i love birthdays!)

baby chicks.

and bunnies.

i have this “feeling” of march when it rolls around. it’s like a memory-feeling. do you ever get those? for march my memory-feeling is this: me as a kid on green grass somewhere. it’s windy and my hair is long and whipping around my face. i’m smiling- big time. i’m running, maybe spinning and i have on my bright neon pink windbreaker (remember those?!). i am giddy-happy. and it is march.

so, when march comes, i feel giddy, happy. i feel like spinning and wearing neon pink. i want the sun on my skin and the breeze whipping my hair. i want kites and picnics. painted toe nails and open windows. i want balloons and party hats.

ah, march.


if you thought i was finished with the photo-a-day thing, you were mistaken! 🙂 i really love it! fat mum slim is hosting another photo a day challenge and I ACCEPT!

would you like to join me? i will be posting on instagram (as oppositeoffar), here on my blog, and on facebook (as jessica near)

i’ll be back later with day 1- up


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