march started out warm-ish & spring-ish. but she fools me every single year. i get excited. i put away our winter coats, pack up the sweaters, search out my sandals. then it snows again. this year i started the post-winter purge but stopped myself. i will not be fooled! (really, i was hoping reverse psychology would work on march, but she’s got her own agenda. that march, she’s a trickster through & through!) so this first week of march, i resisted the urge to pack in winter and decided to patiently wait it out a few more weeks. i’m getting smarter! and wouldn’t cha know it, march dumped snow on us last night. i was surprised, but not disappointed, not this year!

so, while you are either enjoying this early march snow-dump or cursing it, you can at least enjoy a few sunny weekend from me!

i bought 20 yards of felt on sunday!

family walk…we like to take the pups to the soccer field so they can run! they end up happy & exhausted!

sunday                                                                    monday

also this weekend:

i found a pretty patch of bright green to enjoy

i cut mike’s hair into a mohawk (then all the way off)

i FINALLY hemmed & hung our new living room curtains (8 months or so after purchasing them!)

and i worked on “masks on a stick” for my wholesale order

(i was extremely productive this weekend, despite the beginnings of a cold! yay for me!)

what did you do this weekend?


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