today i am 32. happy birthday to me.

**correction- yesterday i turned 32…i was just way too busy having fun to finish this post!**

it’s funny, for weeks now i kept forgetting the date, kept forgetting my birthday was just around the corner. and when i think about how old i am i add year and say “oh my gosh, i;m turning 33! it’s hard to remember how old you are after awhile, i guess  <— all that was written yesterday morning, before i really knew how i was feeling about turning another year older. i had lots of reflective things to say about my birthday – i usually do-read this from last year. but instead of getting all deep and maybe even a little sad about what my 31st year did not bring me, let’s look at the rainbows & unicorns instead!


in my 31st year i:

*had back surgery #2 (march 4th, 2011) and now, a year later, i am able to wear my high wedges out to dinner! YES!!!

*i started this blog from bed while recovering and now i have 150 posts, countless photographs, over 6000 hits and i don’t know how many readers!

*i built opposite of far from sketches of dolls & masks to real dolls, animals, and eventually, rockin’ animal masks that have by now traveled around the US, Australia, London, France, Germany (and other places too)! (opposite of far makes me so incredibly happy and proud!)

*i have made friends- good, true, life-changing friends- (e & t…i can’t imagine not having you in my life!)

*i have met so many amazing, talented, funny, creative, encouraging, motivated (&motivating!) women this year! i feel like i am at the end of the rainbow riding a unicorn when i am surrounded by such fantastic people! i finally have the community i have craved, and i really can’t imagine a better community to have become a part of!

*mike and i have grown together even more and i am constantly reminded why i married this man. i am in love, for reals! (which is a great feeling at any age!)

*and i totally rocked! (you know, in general)

there are countless things i could list here about year 31- all great and amazing things. i am so thankful to be in this place, with the people that surround me (both near & far), the accomplishments i have made, the love i feel- this is a good, good place to be. (even when it’s not all good)

so, thanks for all the birthday wishes. thanks for being part of my life for the last year (even if i don’t know you’re there reading, i know you’re there and that means the world to this girl!)

my birthday was crazy fun! captain husband made my day so special! here’s just a peek at how we spent the day:

the forecast called for thunderstorms all day…but we got blue skies and sunshine!

we had a walk downtown, a little window shopping and some potbelly’s (old fave of mine but new to mike & bloomington!)

mike took me record shopping! i got neutral milk hotel & pixies- surfer rosa- two longtime favorites!

he’s just cool like that

we worked outside for a while- mike cleaning out my garden and me planting my first seeds of the season! the clouds rolled in and it hailed & rained for about 20 minutes…so much for thunderstorms all day long!

then i got a little (tiny bit) dressed up & we went out for my birthday dinner…


and because my man knows me so well, a chocolate cake with whipped frosting & cookies n cream ice cream!

(the pets helped him sing to me!)

these pictures don’t even begin to express the happiness i felt all day long! it was the best day!

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