woodland tea party.

today is pleasantly rainy, but a just a few weeks ago i was in the woods with 2 great kiddos & 1 amazing photographer. the air was cool and crisp, but the sun was warm and pushing its way through the bare trees to reach us on the forest floor. watching noah & zarrin play and climb and laugh while wearing masks & tails by opposite of far was a happy day for me! once they had their masks & tails on they didn’t want to take them off! (i swelled with pride and my cheeks hurt so good from smiling at those costumed kids all day!) they climbed huge rocks and fallen trees, played in the dirt, ran and got dirty- all the while michelle was photographing them with that beautiful light spilling all around us.

they really got into character too, pretending to be a skunk and fox- zarrin “spraying” noah then giggling uncontrollably, noah stalking slowly and quietly as if readying himself to pounce on his prey! it was all so magical!

michelle and i came together like two clouds softly colliding at just the right moment. we bumped right into each other but perfectly& comfortably so. it’s funny, actually. we have been “friends” on facebook for quite sometime. i knew of her, but i didn’t really know her. she had purchased a couple masks at homespun and maybe saw me at a show once. i have poured over her photos on facebook and at 2 pedals photography! we have mutual friends, so we were bound to meet “properly” one day. instead, though, i had a dream. this is what i wrote to michelle in a facebook message:


This might seem totally random (maybe even weird…) since I don’t actually KNOW you but….You were in my dream last night! You contacted me, told me your boys liked their masks so much that you wanted some more. But, you were thinking that maybe I could put together a whole box of dress up items: masks, tails, crown, capes …whatever I could & wanted to make. I was so into the idea and excitedly took on the challenge!
That’s it, that was the dream!
So, just a funny little dream, but it did inspire me to add tails to my shop. I made several custom tails for Halloween 2011, but haven’t added them “officially”, but since you (dream-you) showed interest, I think I will work on it now!

Have a great day, Michelle!
And thanks for the inspiring push!

it was a risk, certainly a strange way to introduce myself. i was taking a chance sharing a dream with a near stranger (about her!), but somehow i knew it was right. and because michelle is SO awesome, she didn’t even think i was creepy! in fact, when she responded, she mentioned collaborating. it started as her shooting my items “in action” for me….and turned into this beautiful and dreamy collaboration of artists! we both took off with ideas of themed photo shoots, picnics in the woods with props and costumes and we quickly settled on the woodland tea party theme. i am still amazed that the ease with which we work together. everything has come together quickly because we were equally excited and motivated- i really couldn’t ask for a sweeter collaboration!

and so, we are pairing michelle’s wonderful talent behind the camera with my masks and tails to offer super fun springtime mini-photo sessions in both bloomington and indianapolis! we’re working with the theme “woodland tea party” because it’s so dang cute and oh so photogenic! ( a huge thank you to candice of cordial kitten for making us the cutest damn promo EVER! …i am in love with it!)

from stranger to facebook friend and now to real friend and artistic collaborator- michelle, you are SO rad!  i feel so lucky and grateful every single day for all the wonderful people i have met, befriended, and collaborated with because of my little adventure called opposite of far!

to book your time slot for either bloomington (may 5th) or indianapolis (april 29th), go to this link quick!

also, check out michelle’s blog, all about her little guy, noah. HE SPARKLES

2 thoughts on “woodland tea party.

  1. You are OH so sweet, Jessica! I’m thrilled to now call you my REAL friend (Not just FB!!) and I’m looking forward to our fun days in the woods! It’s going to be magical! :O)

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